Here I will put a collection of good links concerning Exadata

1. http://www.proligence.com/pres/nyoug/2012/nyoug_mar13_exadata_article.pdf
As a begin read this article to get yourself familiar with Exadata. Pay attention that is written for the X2 version, but the basics are the same.

In summary:
•Exadata has an Oracle Database running 11.2 RAC
•The storage cells have added intelligence about data placement
•The compute nodes run Oracle database and Grid Infrastructure software
•Nodes communicate with Cells using iDB which can send more information on the query
•Smart Scan, when possible, reduces I/O at cells for Direct Path operations
•Cell is managed by CellCLI commands
•DMA skills = 60% RAC DBA + 15% Linux + 20% CellCLI + 5% miscellaneous

2. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/oem/exadata-commands-intro-402431.html
After the above PDF document I would suggest reading this 4 Articles from the same author. Once again it is Exadata X2

3. Oracle Exadata Recipes
Great book for people who are considering buying an Exadata system as it is giving you recipes to measure whether you really need Exadata and which version do you need and of course has many recipes that are helping you in administration of your Exadata machine. I generally love this “Recipes” books from APress.

4. Oracle Exadata Database Machine Best Practices Series

Collection of videos made by Oracle about Exadata. The videos were released in 2011 so they are not made for X3 machine.

5. Oracle Exadata Database Machine Resources

All the information from Oracle about Exadata. Whitepapers are really good! They are very new and concerning Exadata X3 which makes them almost the only resources on X3

6. Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata

This book is great for it is describing all the things included in Exadata and also stuff that you are expected to know like RAC, ASM, DataGuard, but if you do not know them it is well explained. It has some nice chapters on performance in Exadata.

7. Expert Oracle Exadata

From all three books that are currently existing about Exadata, this one definitelly goes mostly into the detail and is giving you most information. It is a definite MUST READ until more documentation about Exadata comes online.




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