if you do not have username and password of a system user you can use the following command in the command line tool

sqlplus / as sysdba

As you are already logged in OS sqlplus considers you a system user and lets you login like this so that you can create a new user with certain grants.

output in sql*plus does not look the best, so we adjust it with this command. We can choose the column name and the amount of characters that is to be shown after a. Example where we give 20 characters to the column.

column COLUMN_NAME format a20

To restore default formatting we use

clear columns;

if you want to output in a file you should use spool command

spool on
spool c:\path_to_the_file.txt
select * from dictionary -- statement you want to be in output
spool off

we have to check in which folder are we located with the following command
host pwd

To change the current directory, you would need to exit sql*plus with the exit command and then change it and reenter sql*plus

and then to list files with the extension sql
host ls *.sql

and then we can run the command
column first_name format a12;


When you start the editor, SQL*Plus uses the afiedt.buf temporary file to pass text to the editor. You can use the SET EDITFILE command to specify a different file name. For example:
SQL> SET EDITFILE /tmp/myfile.sql


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